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Hebei Super Star Pneumatic Nails Co., Ltd.


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Hebei Super Star Pneumatic Nails Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing series of pneumatic nails for 12 series, more than 70 types of products, such as type F, T, DT, FNT, N, P, GS, GSW, BCS, Q, L, A11, A19, 71seires, 80 series, 95 series brad nails and staples.

And also we can produce wire band at high quality. The products have been exported to Canada, USA, Australia, Korea and other foreign countries and received warm receptions for their high quality and competitive prices. Our company was established in 1999, it is a member of Hebei Decoration Association and has passed ISO9001: 2000. The plant is located in Shijiazhuang Century Industrial Garden, in Hebei Province, close to Beijing and Tianjin, which is very convient for transportation.

Company Information

  • Company Name: Hebei Super Star Pneumatic Nails Co., Ltd.
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • My Core Product Categories: Steel nail; Strip/Sheet; Air tools; 
  • Core Products Description: Steel nail; Strip/Sheet; Air tools;  etc.
  • Standard list:
  • Year Established: 1999
  • Annual Sales Volume: USD 10,000,001~50,000,000
  • Current Export Markets: Worldwide; 
  • Export Percentage:98

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  • Experienced in fastener industry
  • Focusing on fastener market
  • With high quality products
  • Trust worthiness and reputation
  • Having strong export team
  • 国际紧固件买家唯一认可
  • 优质中国紧固件出口厂家
  • 咨询:020-82270680